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State of Transit in Detroit Metro Region

Very good summary of news from Transportation Riders United's (TRU) annual State of Detroit Transit meeting in Bridge eZine. Highly recommended.

DDOT bus

More on RTA

Recently, a great in-depth review of the RTA, its background and its prospects, was posted by Vivienne Armentrout on her blog, Local in Ann Arbor. I highly recommend it as a thoughtful, data-based examination of the issues.

RTA to be Re-Booted for a 2018 Vote?

January 4th's edition of Bridge Magazine broke a very interesting story about the Regional Transit Administration of Southeast Michigan. Top politicians from the four-county RTA region have been meeting privately to reach an agreement on how to reorganize the RTA so that they (the top politicians) will have greater control.

They are also said to be considering trimming the RTA district to the more urban core areas that will have bus service, to eliminate the negative votes from areas that would only have had on-call service under the 2016 RTA Master Plan.

An announcement is expected January 19, but altering the RTA will require a change in legislation at the state level.

Motivation for the changes, and for a hasty move to put a millage on the 2018 November ballot, is reputed to be's insistence that their second HQ be in a city with good transit. I'm not betting on Detroit's getting the nod, but whatever it takes to get political leadership on board with regional transit is a step forward.

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Wake Up Washtenaw's vision ...

We seek to bring together people and enterprises to ...

What is "transit-oriented development"?

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is an area of compact development, incorporating commercial, residential and professional uses, within walking distance of a major transit stop, that facilitates walking and transit use. The urban design focuses on the pedestrian over the automobile.

What is "sustainable development"?

The simplest, most forceful and practical definition of sustainable development is from the World Commission on Environment and Development (The Brundtland Commission report):

Development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

The reasons ...

The plans ...

Encourage sustainable redevelopment

Show the way for sustainable new development

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